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Apr 8

European court rules European data retention law invalid.

European court rules European data retention law invalid.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) on Tuesday overturned a controversial* EU directive that allowed telephone and email providers to store private citizens’ data en masse for scrutiny by investigators in later cases of serious crime.

The Luxembourg-based court ruled that the directive – passed by bloc’s Council of Ministers in 2006, after terrorist attacks in London and Madrid – amounted to a…

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Apr 7

Europhile eaten by shark. Or Clegg monstered by Farage.

Europhile eaten by shark. Or Clegg monstered by Farage.

I’M NOT A fan of bloodsports but I did enjoy watching the battering that Nick Clegg took from Nigel Farage on British television this week in their debate on the merits and demerits of staying in the EU. Clegg was not just outclassed in performance but was also reduced to a lump of bloody meat in the process. It was like watching a shark going for a naked swimmer in a glass tank.

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Apr 6

Apr 4

Mar 30

The mad English garden.

The mad English garden.

THE DAY BEGAN, as it so often does, with a mild grumble at the state of the world. Or more specifically, the state of the nation. I’d read a piece by Simon Jenkins, complaining about the government’s intention to allow developers to build homes all over the green belt. Indeed, all over any green bit they can find outside the towns and cities. That includes where I live, in the quiet rural…

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Mar 29

Book your holiday with our ovulation discount, you sexless Danes.

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. There again, these are the people who banned Marmite.

Early spring morning walk Bardney.

Early spring morning walk Bardney.

Fab Tree



St Lawrence

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Mar 22

Light breaks where no sun shines - Swansea Bay, Mumbles.

Light breaks where no sun shines – Swansea Bay, Mumbles.


Looking towards Swansea itself. Early morning with the sun trying to break through.

Salve 2

Welcome. On the threshold of Singleton Abbey at Swansea University.

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Mar 17

Mar 16

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